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8 of the Best Vegan and Vegetarian Barbecue Recipes

Summertime is the best time for barbecue so we wanted to share our favourite vegetarian and vegan barbecue recipes guaranteed to get you cooking with fire. These recipes prove that there's way more to barbecues beyond burgers (though we do sneak an outstanding veggie burger into the mix). These recipes are for everyone, not just vegetarians and vegans, full of flavour, spice, and beautiful summer colour that will excite all lovers of great food. Let us know which recipe is your favourite! And for more inspiration, read our post on Vegetarian Barbecue Tips and Tricks.

Maple, Lime and Chipotle Tempeh Tacos

If you're not sure how to cook with tempeh this is a great place to start. These vegan tempeh tacos are full of flavour and spice. We definitely recommend serving with guacamole!

Beetroot Aduki Bean Burgers

Proof that a veggie burger needn't be boring or bland. These vegan burgers are made with beets, beans, oats, and loads of spices including smoky chipotle. Great with herby cucumber yoghurt and polenta chips!

Charred Pepper and Artichoke Spedini

A kebab but not as you know it - we use rosemary stalks as the skewers! And the result is a delicious flavour bomb!

Tandoori Paneer Kebabs

Turn your barbecue into a makeshift tandoori with these Indian-spiced paneer kebabs.

BBQ Sweetcorn with Chilli and Lime

The ultimate summer barbecue side dish, made all the more special with a chilli and lime kick.

Garden Salad with Griddled Asparagus and Almonds

Grilled vegetables make a great addition to a salad. Asparagus are particularly well suited to the barbecue and can be turned into this fresh and filling salad that's perfect for summer.

Chermoula Roasted Vegetables and Halloumi with Chickpea Fregola Salad

We use aubergine and sweet potato in this recipe but feel free to substitute whatever you have to hand. Chermoula is wonderful versatile!

Jerk Haloumi Kebabs

Jerk seasoning is classic and goes especially well with haloumi (top tip: make it vegan by using tofu instead of haloumi).

What are your favourite vegan and vegetarian barbecue recipes? Let us know in the comments!

For more inspiration, read our post on Vegetarian Barbecue Tips and Tricks.

Delicious food photography by Rob Wicks of Eat Pictures.

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