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Summer Syrups and Fruit Puddings

The summer fruits are ripe and they don't last long, so now is the time to gather fragrant flowers, fruits and herbs to make homemade syrups which you can turn into delicious beverages, cocktails, and of course, lush summer puddings. Read on for our favourite recipes for summer syrups and summer puddings, all of which are easy to make a delicious way to celebrate the fruits of summer!

Summer Syrups

Herbs and flowers can be turned into beautiful and versatile sweet syrups. At the cookery school we love trying out new flavour combinations such as elderflower, mint, lavender, lemongrass, lemon verbena, lemon balm, rosewater and orange blossom. To make a syrup, the general approach is to infuse hot water with your chosen flower and/or herb, then add sugar. You'll need at least a 60% sugar solution, so for every litre of water you add 600g of sugar (with this quantity of sugar the cordial won’t ferment). Using this formula, you can either make a small amount for one dish or a larger amount to keep (recommended!). Syrups should be stored in sealable bottles, which have been sterilized before use.

Strawberries in mint and rosewater syrup

For inspiration, try these favourite recipes for summer syrups:

Lydia's Amazing Elderflower Cake

Summer Puddings

One of our favourite ways to make use of summer syrups is in seasonal puddings! Here are a few favourites, making use of the best of summer fruits, including gooseberries, strawberries, and raspberries.
Vegan Elderflower Jelly with Vanilla Cashew Ice Cream

You can find more summer recipes in our recipe collection.

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