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Stay Healthy This Winter

Frosty mornings and dropping temperatures make it very tempting to snuggle up indoors with hearty comfort food and hot toddies. Of course, there's nothing wrong with comfort food and hot toddies! But during these dark winter days it's all the more important to keep your spirits up by staying physically well. To that end, we've brainstormed a few ways to stay healthy this winter.

1. Eat more fruit and veg

Okay, this is probably a no-brainer, but it's still worth saying. If you ask us, eating more fruit and veg is probably the most exciting way to stay healthy this winter. And there's plenty of tasty winter veg to choose from. Instead of the usual roasted or mashed potato, take advantage of other root veg like carrots, parsnips, swede and turnips. As for fruit, pomegranate is an excellent garnish for winter salads.

Pomegranate Winter Salad Garnish

2. Go for healthy comfort food.

Comfort food needn't be unhealthy! Just keep the pies to a minimum and go for hearty soups and stews that are packed full of vegetables.

Monica Stew

3. Eat a healthy breakfast.

You can almost always count on breakfast as an opportunity to start the day off right! Making healthy choices in the morning sets you up with energy for a successful day. And you'll just feel better! Whether it's with a humble bowl of porridge or an all-out a.m. feast, put some time into thinking about how you want to start your day.

Monica Smoothie

5. Get on board with Meat Free Monday.

We know some of you out there are meat-free every day of the week, but for you omnivores winter might be a good time to consider replacing some of those steak and ale pies with a big dose of veg. Going meat-free just one day per week can do oodles for your health - and the environment - and Meat Free Monday has loads of ideas for healthy meatless recipes. Another take is the Mark Bittman approach: Vegan Before 6.

Root Vegetable Gratin

4. Stay active.

Another no-brainer - staying active is one of the best ways you can stay healthy this winter. This could be a good opportunity to try out some indoor pursuits like weight lifting or swimming. Pilates and yoga could also help relieve any lingering stress. But don't give up on the outdoors entirely, as a brisk walk in fresh crisp air and daylight will improve your mood immensely.

6. Keep Motivated

In case you haven't heard, the whole notion of a "detox" is a myth, so don't count on a fad diet for a quick fix to winter indulgence. Instead, schedule in some plans to keep motivated until spring! Sign up for a 5K or slot in a walking holiday. Learn some new recipes - or if you're really in need of inspiration, sign up for a for a class! We'd love to chat in person about what keeps you motivated.

Reaching Annapurna Base Camp

What would you add to the list?

Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!

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