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Top Tips for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving

American Thanksgiving is a celebration in the tradition of the British harvest festival. Autumn is a good time to reflect on how fortunate we are to enjoy beautiful and healthy food, and then prepare and eat that food with friends and family! Many people associate Thanksgiving with that very American bird, the turkey. But there are lots of outstanding plant-based vegetarian and vegan dishes - from green bean casserole to pumpkin pie - that are perfect for a colourful and satisfying vegetarian feast. Here are some tips and recipes to make the most of Thanksgiving, or any autumn or winter celebration.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving: The Basics

  • Be bold with your main dish and nobody will miss a turkey. Try one of our show-stopping mains below!
  • Try for a variety of colour in your side dishes and pudding. It's fairly easy to get orange from squash and pumpkin, red from cranberries, and green from, well, greens. But add a pinch of saffron to parsnips for a pleasing sunshiny yellow, or make your Thanksgiving dessert with lovely deep purple berries.
  • Celebrate the season. Get outdoors and forage for rosehips for rosehip jelly, or sloes for sloe gin to enjoy next year. An easier alternative is cranberry gin. Next year you'll be glad you made the effort!
  • At the Thanksgiving dinner table, many American families ask each person at the table to name something they are thankful for. You could also try this at Christmas, or maybe just jot down your own list sometime. On that note, we are incredibly thankful for our Demuths community. You are all amazing!

Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Vegetarian Starters

Vegan mushroom hazelnut and smoked tofu pate

Thanksgiving Vegetarian Main Dishes

Vegan mushroom, ale, and celeriac pie

Thanksgiving Vegetarian Side Dishes

It's all about the side dishes!

Thanksgiving Puddings and Desserts

Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding

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