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Wild Garlic - Tips & Recipes

Wild garlic is one of our favourite seasonal ingredients. It’s a beautiful herb with delicious flavour and is incredibly easy to forage. March and April is the time to go picking, and wild garlic is hard to miss. It’s one of the first plants to carpet the woods and its pungency as you walk through is all pervading. However, when you cook wild garlic it has a delicate flavour.

wild garlic

Tips for picking wild garlic

  • This time of year, you will find the wild garlic poking up in low-lying places by streams and protected woods. Make sure you pick away from dogs and roads and don’t trespass: the wild garlic might be free, but the landowner may not appreciate your picking!
  • Take a carrier bag with you and fill it up with wild garlic - it will last perfectly in the fridge for a week.
  • Wild garlic leaves are best when very tender, so pick when the garlic is just coming up. Choose small tender leaves - the moment the garlic begins to flower, the leaves become too strong and brash in flavour. But the flowers do make a pretty addition to spring salads.
  • Wash well before eating.
  • To eat raw, find the youngest leaves and add to a salad mix.

Wild garlic recipes from Demuths

Wild garlic is very versatile. Use it in salads - it goes well with watercress. Use it in place of spinach. It is delicious with mushrooms in a risotto. Add it to your favourite pasta sauces or finely shred it and add it to our Farinata.

Try our Wild Garlic Pesto drizzled on veggies or served with pasta.

Wild Garlic Soup

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