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Ethiopian Cookery

Ethiopian Cookery
Ethiopian Cookery
Ethiopian Cookery
Ethiopian Cookery

Course Details

Ethiopian food is known for it's depth of flavour and richness. It is common to eat vegetarian and vegan in Ethiopia hence the large selection of delicious plant-based dishes.

A traditional Ethiopian meal is served family style on top of sourdough flatbread called injera, made from teff flour. You will learn how to make injera sourdough starter and cook the delicious flatbread.

We will make Ye'qimen Zeyet, a seasoned oil that provides a flavourful base for Ethiopian cuisine. Then we will move on to a Berbere spice blend guaranteed to become a faithful companion to your spice cupboard.

Lentils and split peas take centre stage, however these kai wot dishes are more of a sauce then a stew. Slowly cooked for intense flavour and a sauce like consistency. We will show you the steps of cooking down the onions to achieve a perfect wot. We will also make a variety of seasonal vegetables based dishes and salad.

Dishes we are likely to make are:

  • Sambusas - lentil filled pastry
  • Awaze - red pepper hot sauce
  • Mesir wat - lentils with Berbere spice blend
  • Atkilt wot - slow cooked vegetable stew
  • Ye’dubba Alicha - roasted squash in a mild sauce
  • Ye'abesha gomen - fragrant braised greens
  • Injera - traditional teff sourdough crepe
  • Timatim salata - fresh tomato salad

The course involves a mixture of demonstrations, knife skills and hands-on cooking.

The course ends with a sit down meal around our dining table to enjoy the food made. Please bring a plastic container if you wish to take some of your food home with you. You will leave with a full recipe pack so you can recreate the dishes at home.

Course Length
Full Day
Skill Level
Dietary Info
Gluten Free

Loved everything! Incredible spice blends, layers and variety that all worked so perfectly together.

Wonderful - absolutely wonderful! Just really enjoyed the whole experience - such a lovely atmosphere.

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