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Sri Lankan Cooking

Sri Lankan Cooking
Sri Lankan Cooking
Sri Lankan Cooking

Course Details

Sri Lankan food is full flavoured and highly spiced. Rice, curries and dhals are served with punchy condiments such as sour lime pickle, sweet caramelised onion and fiery pol sambol, bringing all the taste buds alive.

Sri Lankan food offers an interesting variation to the familiar food of India. It is light, fragrant, colourful, uses interesting spice blends, lots of coconut milk and fresh coconut and plenty of local greens.

On this day course you will learn:

How to prepare, store, and cook with spices and make spice blends.

Tempering technique, used to develop strong spice flavours by frying whole spices in oil before using them.

How to cook a perfect curry, dhal and rice dishes with tips for balancing flavours.

Knife skills that will help you prepare an array of fresh herbs and vegetables.

We will make dishes such as:

  • Green Jackfruit and Tamarind Curry
  • Pol Sambol (a spicy chilli coconut condiment)
  • Spice Tempered Green Beans
  • Spiced Rice with Lemongrass
  • Wambatu Moju (Aubergine Pickle)
  • Griddled Coconut Roti

This full day course will involve lots of hands on work as well as demonstrations and lots of tasting. It does involve spices and chillies so this is a great course if you like strong flavours and all things spicy hot!

The course ends with a sit down meal around our dining table to enjoy the food made. Please bring a plastic container if you wish to take some of your food home with you. You will leave with a full recipe pack so you can recreate the dishes at home.

Course Length
Full Day
Skill Level
Dietary Info

Delicious food and loved you could season the food to your individual tastes.

Excellent. Relaxed atmosphere with knowledgeable and helpful tutors.

Thank you for a wonderful and fun day. Full of amazing food and ideas.

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  • Saturday 1st June 2024 10:00 - 16:00
    £210 £178.50